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An R. P. Delio Sustainability Service

Waypoint Power™– forging your path to Corporate Sustainability: R. P. Delio's agile service for holistically managing energy, water and emissions opens the gateway to a transformative ESG policy. And to a winning competitive advantage.

Today's fast-changing and volatile business arena bristles with challenges for those tasked with developing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policy. But this is also an environment brimming with opportunity. Waypoint Power ™ is a service that allows for the leveraging of such opportunities for the benefit of your business.

Waypoint Power ™ helps you to:

  • RPDELIO Services WayPoint PowerEnhance EBITDA through energy intelligence: Waypoint Power™ enables intensive and flexible gathering of energy and water data, provisioning you with actionable intelligence that saves both energy and water, thereby boosting the corporate bottom line.
  • Build efficiency and robustness into the business: Waypoint Power™ provides a new way to look deeper into the day-to-day operations of critical equipment across your portfolio of facilities. Facility security, employee health and safety, and equipment maintenance can all improve as much as energy and water efficiency.
  • Proof your business against energy shocks: Waypoint Power™ opens the door to energy self-sufficiency and reliability by laying out paths for cost-effective self-generation. This reduces exposure to the risks posed by volatile energy markets and grid failure.

Waypoint Power ™ is truly your Gateway to a Sustained Competitive Advantage.

Waypoint Power – your ESG Service in the Cloud

Waypoint Power (tm)R. P. Delio's solution fully embraces the revolution in energy monitoring and sensor technology, leveraging cloud computing resources to deliver advanced analytics. So clients can optimize energy performance across heterogeneous systems – and apply a truly dynamic portfolio approach towards energy management.

Waypoint Power™ at heart is a simple, yet powerful marriage of robust technology to an innovative business model – technology, software and finance synergized to energize your business.

Waypoint Power ™ is:

  • A simple, scalable monitoring system: providing flexible access to granular energy data broken down by both space and time – the feedstock for intelligent energy analysis.
  • A stepping stone to the Internet of Things: bringing intelligence and agility to your network of facilities and equipment – enabling the future of dynamic portfolio management.
  • A service that is licensed to our customers: unlocking the value trapped in your portfolio of facilities – providing our IP to you, to be leveraged for your benefit, risk-free.

Waypoint Power™ – technology to turn sustainability data into added value

Waypoint Power™ doesn't only monitor and gather sustainability data – it also provides a real-time application for mobile platforms, with the ability to integrate reporting into back-office accounting, billing and ERP systems.

Reporting capabilities include:

  • Acquiring data from meters and loggers 24x7 via email, ftp or http 
  • Displaying current as well as monthly demand and consumption data
  • Displaying load profile data in a grid as well as graph
  • Ability to chart and print load profile data over intervals, hours or days
  • Aggregating interval data from multiple sources
  • Displaying consumption and peak demand data by time-of-use (TOU)
  • Displaying timestamp of peak demand by time of use
  • Saving load profile data into a local database
  • Allowing user to generate, print, and save a bill
  • Sending email when kW threshold is exceeded
  • Charting consumption for multiple meters
  • Accessing current and last month’s kW and kWh data
  • Comparing consumption based on historical usage
  • Forecasting consumption based on historical usage
  • Allowing mathematical computation on any data series.

Business Benefits

The business benefits arising from this comprehensive set of energy intelligence tools include:

  • Control and monitoring of energy use for greater efficiency
  • Establishing ISO 50001 compliance
  • Identifying and prioritizing the best ROI energy opportunities
  • Calculation of emissions data for carbon and greenhouse gas accounting requirements
  • Determining and implementing the best-suited alternative energy options
  • Reducing energy costs & carbon emissions by as much as 25%.

Waypoint Power ™ – forging your path to Corporate Sustainability.

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