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TedX Documents - The City 2.0

Billed as a day of urban inspiration, TEDx Honolulu (13-Oct-2012) took the theme of a 'version upgrade' for urban life – the City 2.0 – and ran with it.

Our sustainable and secure future cannot come into being without a regeneration of city life, and City 2.0 sought to shape the vision for a new millennium city – a new Honolulu – from the collective energies of the attending technologists, artists, visionaries and citizens. 

And R. P. Delio & Co brought their creative insight into the heart of the exhibition-ideas-factory, with a series of posters on education, public spaces, transport and the home. The fruits of an intense and free-form collaboration by our global team, our diverse posters held to one dominant theme – the opportunity for empowerment and societal liberation offered up by the clean energy revolution. In Honolulu 2.0, schools power the grid, the home gets smart, solar and wind power free up the streets, and the EV is for everyone. 

George Carroll, the Event Curator, said of the exhibits pulled together by Sarah McCann, the TEDx Exhibits Coordinator, that “they were engaging, enlightening, professional looking and totally congruent with the event's theme.”

Together We Can

The vision at the heart of TEDx City 2.0 resonates perfectly with the core values of R. P. Delio & Co. It is, in fact a shared vision, one that we hope to play a key role in enabling. As the inspirational mantra of TEDx City 2.0 says:

"Together we can:

Bridge the gap between poor and rich communities.
Spectacularly reduce our carbon footprint.
Make nature part of our daily life.
Empower entrepreneurship.
Re-imagine education.
Nurture health.

I am the City 2.0. Dream me. Build me. Make me real."*

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