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R.P Delio & Company is fully-tooled for the handling of projects that are vast in both scope and complexity.

Equally, we are well-experienced in achieving success with programs that appear pre-stressed for failure – those best described to stakeholders using phrases such as: 

  •     "public opposition is high."
  •     "key team member just resigned and we can't find the original research."
  •     "was unaware that construction required an easements."
  •     "has unknown alignment to the strategic plan."
  •     "implementation will require legislative and PUC support."
  •     "must deploy the projects faster than originally planned."
  •     "will require toxic, hazards, explosive or biological scope."
  •     "results of the environmental impact study is incomplete."
  •     "has a high risk of failure."

Years of experience in dealing with such projects have seen our systems, our resources and our techniques all forged in the crucible of real-world deployment – so honing our service delivery, across the following facets, to perfection:


Our service is delivered to you through our team of judiciously-allocated experts – both in-house and externally tapped – to provide a full-spectrum of capabilities for your project. Every project – from concept through construction to operation – sees this full-service support provided at each and every step.


Our clients can also expect an efficient service, delivered through an effective speed-to-market approach – but not at the cost of neglecting wider or long-term project efficiency goals. 


Environmental awareness is built into our services from the ground-up. We use our complete project life-cycle capabilities to ensure environmental considerations are kept uppermost in mind – whether planning, designing, building, expanding, upgrading, renovating, retooling, or modernizing. Upon completion, any necessary decommissioning and decontamination of assets is performed with the utmost diligence – bringing the project assets back to a sustainable state.


Responsibility and prudence are also our watch-words. Our total life-cycle approach ensures that responsibility and prudence run consistently through all aspects of our services – making safety, constructability, operational efficiency and maintenance considerations the intrinsic enablers for successful project delivery.

Engineering Program Success since 1989