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Our Approach

Pragmatic, result-focused and client-tailored – these are the guiding principles that mark out projects undertaken with R.P. Delio & Company.

We take a long-term perspective, for both the deepening of client-service relationships, and the building of our business in an organic fashion – which naturally go together hand-in-hand. By focusing on where our clients are heading, and on where our business will stand years from now, we are building an enterprise that delivers for the long haul, for each and every client we do business with.

At R.P. Delio & Company, we are clear that there is no such thing as an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution when dealing with the complex problems we excel at solving.  We understand that every organization, business and industry sector is unique, and that every project is designed to transform, to create something new; thus it requires a specific and tailored approach.

Our formula for success is based on listening to individual client needs and, from this, building an effective solution framework. It is your business and we believe in providing the complementary skills, approaches and tools to deliver your objectives – all the while ensuring that you retain control. 

We believe success in business is built on relationships that are founded on trust, clear lines of communication and coordinated action. As a result, we continue to enjoy repeat business from satisfied clients, who endorse our world-class reputation by getting us to do what we do best - Engineering Project Success.

It this innovative organizational culture, alongside our track record of consistently delivering client satisfaction, that helps create an environment where talented people thrive, and want to work.

Our Code of Practice

  • Action - Success is not delivered through dogma and theory, or the simple provision of advisory services and best practice manuals. We believe that success is ultimately underpinned by action; action that is carefully planned and decisively executed.
  • Common sense - Effective delivery is not enhanced by the dogged application of process, or by imposing uncompromising methods. We believe in the fundamental value of applying common sense to individual client situations, and in the scaling of our approach to the task at hand.
  • Knowledge - Access to professional expertise is increasingly vital in delivering business-critical projects. We believe in the continual refining of our skills-set, through focused training, staying abreast of industry innovations and sharing knowledge and intellectual property. Industry knowledge, when teamed with sector expertise, is critical in delivering a return on investment to our clients.
  • Fun - Deadlines, market forces and economic volatility can make the business world a highly stressful place; too much stress can load a project with failure. We believe in making time to have fun, and to celebrate team and company successes. By making achievement enjoyable, a virtuous cycle can be initiated, which pulls projects towards success.

Why We Are Different

R.P. Delio & Company is a leading global management consultancy with some key differentiators:

  • We're not just 'advisors' who merely talk a good game – we are action-orientated and will provision clients with a team of professionals with a powerful mix of intellectual agility and practical hands-on delivery

  • We take full accountability and responsibility for ensuring your success - typically tying our rewards to your commercial success. Risk/reward models are the default mindset at R.P. Delio & Company
  • We provide concrete, tangible and long-lasting solutions to your biggest challenges
  • We don't simply plug-in off-the-shelf products and services. We believe in treating each new client opportunity as unique, and tailoring the solution to meet the agreed objectives
  • We take pride in our reputation; our blue-chip client portfolio demonstrates this.

Engineering Program Success since 1989