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White Papers

R. P. Delio & Company White Papers provide a thoughtful assessment of different aspects of the ongoing transition to the 'Third Industrial Age', delivering up-to-date analyses of new markets, technologies and business models – and the social and political environment in which disruptive transformation is happening. In these papers our consultants aim to leave readers informed, and with a better understanding of the opportunities being created by novel technological and social synergies in new markets.

Going Micro to Power the Pacific - Assessing the Microgrid Potential of the Pacific Basin and its Islands: This white paper provides an overview of microgrid technology, and its potential markets in the Pacific – particularly with reference to the likelihood for high, and early, penetration of distributed renewable energy and microgrid solutions in this region. It is contended that the disruptive technologies of the microgrid are likely to be proven here first. Hawaii Wind's Special Conditions - Why Small Wind?: This white paper explores the especially favorable situation in the Hawaii islands for 'small wind'. In addition to the strong economic case for the deployment of small-scale wind turbines for consumers and small-businesses, 'small wind' offers distinct social benefits in easing acceptance of a wind as beneficial clean energy solution.

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