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Position Papers

R. P. Delio & Company Position Papers aim to offer a careful and considered perspective on some of the most significant and critical issues facing today's clean energy transition. In these papers our consultants deliver practical recommendations for action, arguing their positions on the basis of insight that is strongly grounded by referenced and reviwed evidence.

  • Moving forward on Hawaii's Renewable Potential: This paper provides an overview of the renewable energy resources available to the State of Hawaii, a summary of policy achievements thus far, and the central role of the utility in achieving the state's ambitious goals.
  • Bringing solar into the fold – assessing merits of Utility-Owned Generation for Solar PV: This paper assesses the relative merits of UOG versus IPP approaches for Utilities, using examples from the mainland and Hawaii. Utility ownership of solar PV is argued to be a favorable model for reducing cost and risk.
  • Bridging the Chasm – the need for Residential Solar Incentives to be Fully Inclusive: This paper looks at existing incentives for residential solar PV generation, and shows that policy measures are biased, favoring higher income groups. Policy measures that aim for fully inclusive access to solar PV are put forward.
  • Legislative approaches taken by Hawaii for encouraging solar PV – comparisons with the mainland: This paper provides an overview of the legislative and regulatory measures introduced to encourage solar PV in Hawaii, making a comparison with those in the mainland US – New Jersey and California – and provides recommendations for improving Hawaii's solar PV policy.

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