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R.P. Delio & Company owes its reputation, as the ‘go-to’ consultancy for fast-developing technologies, to the breadth and depth of its experience – earned from three decades at the forefront of delivering on transformational technology. But our clients choose us as much because of where we are today, as for what we have accomplished over the last 30 years.

Today, R.P. Delio & Company can call upon a substantial pool of global talent and expertise in three core areas:

  • Sophisticated program and project management solutions for top-flight, high-risk projects, with assured delivery even at the highest levels of complexity, scope and sophistication
  • A deep organic understanding of the dynamic interaction between policy, markets and technology in emerging industries
  • A comprehensive array of technical services and skills critical to harnessing today’s disruptive IT, Energy, and Smart Grid technologies

Core Expertise

Our expertise extends across the juncture of these newly synergized market sectors:
  • Renewable Energy
  • Energy Intelligence Services
  • Organizational Engineering

These are sectors that are on the cusp of an unprecedented fusion, propelled together by this millennium’s clean energy transformation. R.P. Delio & Company stands to assist its clients in the successful navigation of this new technology landscape.

Industry Experience

We can also draw on diverse strengths to provide a robust foundation to all the endeavors we undertake for our clients:
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Semiconductors and Materials Science
  • Advanced Technology Integration
  • Public Policy and Regulated Markets
  • Business Startup

Our presence extends across the world’s time- zones, with the company

  • Providing solutions for multi-national clients in the Northeast US, Hawaii & the South Pacific and India
  • Delivering successfully on more than 200 projects and programs nationally and internationally
  • Managing programs as large as $2.5 billion, with individual projects worth more than $900 million

Our Goal

Our goal is to take our clients' vision and make it into a vital reality, leveraging our end-to-end capabilities to deliver, for them, truly transformational programs and game-changing strategies. Our projects are underpinned by a proprietary program management method, which has assured our trail-blazing track record on project delivery. Marry that to our subject matter expertise, leadership and insight, and it can be seen that the ultimate of deliverables – your bottom line – is assured with R.P. Delio & Company – your trusted partner.

A comprehensive array of technical services and skills critical to harnessing today’s disruptive IT, Energy, and Smart Grid technologies

Engineering Program Success since 1989