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R. P. Delio & Company believe that grasping and then realizing the vision is fundamental to successful and truly transformative projects and programs.

Our commitment to define, design and then deliver on visionary goals has underwritten our ability to repeatedly Engineer Success for our clients:

The Nature Conservancy turned to R. P. Delio to fashion a solution to spiraling energy costs and energy insecurity at their remote scientific research station, Palmyra Atoll. It lies in one of the remotest parts of the Pacific. Our microgrid solution aimed to accelerate the elimination of fossil fuels from this sensitive nature preserve. See here for a letter of introduction from the Program Director at the Nature Conservancy.

The Kamuela Vacuum Cooling Cooperative looks to provide crucial support to extending the reach of Hawaii's local farming community. R. P. Delio was asked to assess energy use and flow through KVCC's vital cooling facilities. The result was an Energy Efficiency Plan that brought costs down, added value to the cooperative and helped secure the future of the Big Island's small farmers.

Engineering Program Success since 1989