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Small Wind - A Big Deal

Catching the wind with R. P. Delio & Company: Small Wind is bringing a breeze of change to those looking to take part in the gathering global energy transformation.

UGE's vertical wind turbines

This modern breed of small-scale wind turbines is ideally-suited to meeting the power needs of small-scale energy users – from home-owners and farmers, to small-businesses and communities.

With our decades of involvement in the clean energy sector, we have long seen the bright potential for Small Wind. Our in-depth research and experience means we are well-placed to help broaden and deepen its transformation.

But this small-scale technology (with the big-time future) comes in many forms. And each site – and every client – comes with unique circumstances, requiring a carefully-tailored solution.

This is we why deploy a customized suite of Clean Energy services for each project, seeking the optimal blend of systems: the right Small Wind system, and the right mix of complementary technologies, like Energy Efficiency, Solar, Storage or Microgrid.

At every stage R. P. Delio & Co remains totally committed – from assessment to implementation to whole life-cycle support – steering each project to success for the long-term.


UGE and RDP – a fresh angle on Small Wind

R. P. Delio & Co are proud to be working with a supplier that shares our visionary outlook for Small Wind.

R.P. Delio & Co, UGE approved partnersR. P. Delio & Co see 'going vertical' as a real game-changer for advancing Small Wind. Vertical-axis wind-turbines (VAWT) offer distinct advantages over the traditional 'wind-mill' style of turbine.

They are quieter, easier to deploy, and more efficient in built-up environments. They are also bird-friendly and better able to survive extreme winds. And – in what is no small factor – they are visually quite stunning.

That's why we've teamed up with the premier supplier of vertical-axis turbines, Urban Green Energy (UGE), approved as UGE partners since June 2014. UGE have the innovative design, the breadth of configuration and the long-term commitment needed to make a success of the Small Wind revolution.

Mapping the Wind with WindMetro™

WindMetro (tm) mapping the windThe foremost concern for making Small Wind a success for our customers is getting the full measure of their wind. Every site's wind-profile is unique, under the influence of everything from the local topography and terrain, to nearby buildings and trees – not to mention the vagaries of seasonal fluctuations.

So here at R. P. Delio & Co we have invested considerable efforts in designing a start-of-the-art wind-mapping system, which we call WindMetro ™. A sophisticated wifi-data logger, hoisted 9m high on an extensible mast, allows for the comprehensive remote logging of on-site wind data. But WindMetro ™ is so much more.

By combining a biodiesel generator, a micro-solar PV system and UGE's eminently transportable HoYi micro-turbine, it is also a towed renewable energy platform. So it can act as a micro-power station for emergency backup, as a useful power-source for those working remotely, and as a superb demonstration of how biofuels, the sun, and the wind, when woven together, can provide secure, continuous clean energy – in the here and now.

Read more about our infinitely flexible WindMetro ™ system here.

Small Wind – tapping into our Expertise

R. P. Delio & Company provide thoughtful assessments of various aspects of the ongoing clean energy transition, and in particular Small Wind. In these papers our consultants aim to leave readers with a better understanding of the potential, and opportunities, of these exciting new technologies.

Hawaii Special Wind ConditionsHawaii Wind's Special Conditions - Why Small Wind? This white paper explores the especially favorable situation in the Hawaii islands for Small Wind. In addition to the strong economic case for the deployment of small-scale wind turbines for consumers and small-businesses, Small Wind offers distinct social benefits in easing acceptance of a wind as beneficial clean energy solution.

Catching the Wind Small Wind Turbine Supplier Assessment: This special market assessment provides an overview of three of the most important – and proven – long-term vendors of Small Wind turbines. We detail here a comparison of these recommended vendors, describing their current turbine systems (and their specifications), summarizing the pros and cons of each.

The New Breeze in Town – An Overview of Small Wind: This customer-focused document seeks to explain the fundamental concepts of Small Wind, and how it can be a real-world solution to your energy needs. As well as defining the technology and its many benefits, it looks into the practical aspects of assessing, designing, and implementing complete Small Wind solutions for our clients.

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