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Program & Project Management Services

R. P. Delio & Company recognize that detailing the vision is merely the first step in fully realizing your project or program goals.

Only with effective, pragmatic and agile management can truly transformative results be achieved. We stand ideally positioned to be your capable and committed management partner, ready to make your vision for change a reality.

R. P. Delio & Company have repeatedly demonstrated their ability to successfully manage advanced technology projects, whatever their complexity and difficulty – and proven themselves able to scale up that success to the most challenging and critical of programs – those burdened with the highest levels of organizational significance.

Program Management

Our PgMP-certified management consultants have delivered exceptional outcomes for programs ranging from $70m to $2bn. Major programs undertaken encompass:

  • Leading the strategic retooling, stakeholder engagement and organizational refocus necessary to deliver the overall execution of the Inter-Island Renewable Energy Network, a $2bn program to help the state's regulated utility meet Hawaii's ambitious Renewable Energy Portfolio goals, of 40% renewable electricity by 2030.
  • Bringing intelligence to Connecticut's power grid, for a New Jersey utility company, through a $70 million full-service program to rebuild the underground transmission and distribution system in Bridgeport and New Haven, utilizing smart grid and energy storage technology.

With both a global reach, and a local understanding, R.P. Delio & Company are experts at building success into program management, driven by our holistic approach to integrating all facets of program management, including:

  • Stakeholder engagement and alignment
  • Coherent and coordinated communication strategies
  • Risk measurement and mitigation

Project Management

Our PMP management consultants have assured delivered remarkable results for projects ranging up to $25m. They have successfully concluded projects that include:

  • Directing significant engineering projects for a major New Jersey solar company, involving large-scale solar photo-voltaic (PV) installations. Managed the constructibility, validation of design and construction schedules, assurance of design process efficiency, and the control of design costs, for nearly 40 MW of generating capacity.
  • Undertaking the planning and oversight for the design and delivery of diverse facility construction projects, for the Fortune 100 clients of a global leader in full-service engineering, consulting, construction, and operation services.

The R. P. Delio & Company Approach

Our methodologies and tools for project management are guided by three principles, helping to ensure process doesn't deflect from the achieving of project goals:

  • Pragmatism - success is not delivered through dogma and theory. We believe that success is ultimately underpinned by action grounded in the real world
  • Client-tailored - there is no such thing as an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution. We believe in the fundamental value of applying common sense to individual client situations
  • Result-focused - we believe in providing concrete, tangible and long-lasting solutions to your biggest challenges

R. P. Delio & Company have been Engineering Project Success since 1989; with us as your partner your vision for transformation can, and will, be made real.

Engineering Program Success since 1989