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The Microgrid - enabler of independence

R. P. Delio's microgrid solutions are enabling independence in the most challenging of frontiers. But more comprehensive changes are also being ushered in.

The switch over to distributed, renewable energy systems doesn't just mean cutting loose from fossil fuels and embracing new energy sources. It also demands new models for electricity generation, inverting relationships between producers, consumers and infrastructure operators. And its herald is the microgrid.

We see the monolithic command-and-control grid being subverted by the small-scale, community-centric integration of electricity supply, delivery and management services. Intelligent microgrids that combine generation, distribution, consumption and storage at a local scale – all operating under the aegis of advanced monitoring, control and automation systems, such as our Waypoint Power™ platform. Such microgrids will help place self-generated electricity directly into the hands of local communities, reworking traditional energy infrastructure from the bottom up, and so enabling true energy independence.

Building Microgrids Holistically

Microgrid technology is an attractive solution for resolving the challenges facing power supply across the globe. But their deployment must be tailored to local factors.

As well as being an enabling technology for the transition to clean energy sources, the microgrid can be a means for bringing power to those beyond the reach of traditional grid infrastructure. It can serve as the robust backbone in the face of grid blackouts and emergency situations. And it can be at heart of innovations for bringing forward novel forms of power management.

But as with all technologies, success depends as much on taking into account social, environmental and political factrs, as it does on technical and economic ones. Which is why an holistic approach to the full life-cycle of microgrid deployment, and its integration within its locale, is at the heart of our microgrid service. R. P. Delio & Company understands that the microgrid – as a technology that is inherently orientated towards the local – requires all such aspects to be intrinsic to project and program planning, if long-standing success is to be delivered.

R. P. Delio Microgrid Solutions – meeting the challenge in the Pacific

The Challenge: The research station of the Palmyra Atoll Research Consortium lies on one of the most remote, and yet scientifically important, islands of the Pacific – the Palmyra Atoll.

As a designated wildlife refuge since 2001, the site needs to operate with the absolute minimum of impacts on the local environment. But because of its remoteness, it has been forced to rely on expensive and polluting diesel generators to provide for its energy needs.

Our Solution

An integrated microgrid platform for Palmyra, combining solar PV and wind electricity generation with diverse on-site storage solutions.

This is now being deployed thanks to R. P. Delio & Company's assistance. Our innovative design allows for the intelligent balancing of all cost and power supply factors, while providing integrated fail-safe power options.

This project was founded upon a comprehensive energy efficiency, conservation and demand action plan. This helped to streamline the energy profile of the Research Station, so reducing operating costs and maximizing the return of the clean energy technology investment in this remote locale. The completed project will see fuel costs slashed, emissions reduced, and energy security assured.

See White Paper

See here for a R. P. Delio White Paper assessment the Microgrid Potential of the Pacific Basin and its Islands.

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