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Design & Engineering Management Services

R. P. Delio & Company can offer an outstanding class of skill and expertise for managing design and engineering teams, having successfully delivered on a swathe of such projects.

We know, from our strong portfolio of design and engineering management experience, that complex and sophisticated technology projects need engineering placed right at the heart of project management. That's why we emphasize the need for using appropriately-skilled experts for driving engineering and design projects to successful completion.

So R. P. Delio & Company takes great care to match the consultant resources at its disposal to your particular set of unique design and engineering needs. In that task we are greatly aided by the years of front-line experience acquired by our staff.

Notable Design & Engineering Projects

We have intensive experience of Design-Build, Design-Bid-Build and EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) approaches to project delivery.

  • Managing the design and construction of the first anaerobic biogas co-generation system in the state of Massachusetts, for a project rated at 325kWe and producing 1,200,000 BTU/hr of hot water for the anaerobic digestion process. Innovative thinking was key, with development of a proprietary gas-conditioning skid and microturbine control system being critical to project success.
  • The careful management of design and construction costs and schedules, during the installation of nearly 40 MW of solar photo-voltaic generation, for a New Jersey solar energy company, across 10 sites nationwide-wide.
  • Supervising the engineering and construction administration of several major semiconductor and data-center projects, for advanced-technology Fortune 100 clients of a leader in full-service engineering services.

Industry Experience

Our design and engineering management portfolio has covered many sectors, including:

  • Process integrated Heat Recovery and Combine Heat and Power (CHP)
  • Environmental Energy Generation (Solar, Wind, Co-generation)
  • Bulk Chemical Processing
  • Semiconductor Fabrication
  • Datacenter Construction
  • Facility HVAC Installations
  • Commissioning, Retrocommissioning and Operations & Maintinance of complex integrated systems
  • Policy, Permitting, Planning, 
  • Easements, Rights of Way and Real Estate Transactions
  • Materials and Energy Procurement 
  • Vendor Quality Control and Safety Audits
  • Media and Event Staging

Services Offered

We can offer a full-suite of in-house design and engineering management skills, including:

  • Design, Development and Construction Administration
  • Delivering on Engineering Procurement and Construction contracts
  • Permitting and Interconnection Management
  • Detailed Construction Oversight and Assessment
  • Safety, Regulatory and Standards-based Design Compliance

These services are further extended by our ability to call on a wider cohort of connected expert consultants – meaning you get exactly those resources best-suited to servicing your needs.

The R.P. Delio Approach

Our methodologies and tools for engineering and design project management are guided by three principles, helping to ensure process doesn't deflect from the achieving of project goals:

  • Pragmatism - success is not delivered through dogma and theory. We believe that success is ultimately underpinned by action grounded in the real world
  • Client-tailored - there is no such thing as an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution. We believe in the fundamental value of applying common sense to individual client situations
  • Result-focused - we believe in providing concrete, tangible and long-lasting solutions to your biggest challenges

R. P. Delio & Company have been Engineering Project Success since 1989; with us as your partner, your vision for transformation can, and will, be made real.

Engineering Program Success since 1989