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Coaching and Mentoring Services

Mentoring and coaching are distinctive learning services that take a radically different approach to formal training courses and classwork.

R. P. Delio & Company believe that breaking away from these traditional models of learning can yield rich dividends for senior managers and executives. They provide for novel and beneficial outcomes, which lie outside the simple acquisition of specific skills or techniques. These include the potential to

  • advance management paths to the next level
  • turn-around failing projects
  • truly transform individual careers

This means that in addition to our technical training programs, we provide mentoring and coaching services that allow for more personal, directed and insightful learning experiences – and which allow the client to explore and integrate new perspectives. We draw upon a network of mentors and coaches who provide profound perception from within their in-depth knowledge-bases (which includes Project and Program Management, Project and Program Financing and Clean Energy Engineering and Development).

We also see the value in breaking out of the silos of compartmentalized knowledge, and believe our most-experienced staff can provide their most penetrating insights, and radical learning experiences, when deployed across traditional corporate cultural boundaries.

Mentoring the Professional

Our mentoring services are best-suited to providing a structured, professional dialogue with senior staff and executives, so as to build leadership and insight into career-defining activities. Each R.P. Delio & Company mentorship program will be adapted to the client's specific requirements, but all will include the provision of:

  • In-depth and purposed guidance, feedback and direction
  • Alternative perspectives and active encouragement in the exploration of novel ideas
  • Assistance with shifting of mental context
  • Service as a confident for a variety of professional issues
  • Full spectrum advice, information, support, and encouragement

R. P. Delio & Company - Engineering Learning Success

The methodologies and tools utilized by R. P. Delio & Company professionals, to deliver our mentoring and coaching services, are guided by three principles:

  • Pragmatism - success is not delivered through dogma and theory. We believe that success is ultimately underpinned by learning techniques grounded in real world application
  • Client-tailored - there is no such thing as an ‘off-the-shelf’ coaching solution or mentoring design. We believe in the importance of close alignment of the learning process to each individual client situation
  • Result-focused - we believe in the enabling of concrete, tangible and long-lasting changes that can be shown to define, shape and invigorate the professional lives of senior management.

Our Experience

R. P. Delio & Company also understand that careers, projects and organizations thrive best when the personal, technical and managerial are nurtured in sympathy with one another – not developed apart, and left out-of-balance.

We know that design means listening, learning means doing, and insight means playing. We believe that, using our methodology, our experienced mentors and coaches can help channel such holistic and beneficial learning outcomes – Engineering Learning Success for you and your organization.

Engineering Program Success since 1989