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Welcome to R.P.Delio & Co. | R.P.Delio & Co.

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The guiding principles that mark out our projects.
Pragmatic, result-focused and client-tailored
Multitude of service in wide array of industries
Successful Program Management. Always.

Welcome to R.P.Delio & Co.

In a world of constant change, devising the solution is only part of the battle – realizing the vision is what is fundamental to a truly transformational initiative. At R.P. Delio & Company you will find a committed partner, able to help you deliver on your need for change.

As a boutique consultancy, steeped in the pragmatic ethos of engineering business transformation, R.P. Delio & Company brings three decades of full-service consultancy –  encompassing engineering, procurement, construction and operations – to bear on the challenges of the new industrial age.

Our skill-set spans the intertwined fields of renewable energy, energy policy, cutting-edge equipment procurement, process engineering and construction management. But it is our bold mind-set that makes R.P. Delio & Company an ideal and adept partner for a diverse array of challenging programs.

With both a global reach, and a local understanding, R.P. Delio & Company are experts at building success into program management, thanks to our holistic approach. Our bespoke project consulting services focus on the balanced integration of all facets of program management, including:

  • Stakeholder engagement and alignment
  • Coherent and coordinated communication strategies
  • Risk measurement and mitigation


The founder of R.P. Delio & Company is not only the primary font of expertise at the company; he has also staked out a bold vision for it. One which takes R.P. Delio & Company right into the heart of the societal transformation being wrought by the move to clean energy.

R.P. Delio Waypoint Power MicroIPP Battery BoxTM

RPDelio and Company's Waypoint MicroIPP Inverter BoxTM

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The world is changing. Advancing technologies, changing business dynamics, and constantly evolving community and environmental requirements are all factors at play. But rapid change brings new opportunities. If you see your business needs as intersecting with our experience, skills and expertise, get in touch now. The sooner we start a conversation, the sooner we can build a working relationship beneficial to all. 

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