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Cultivar Energy

Cultivar Energy is a division of R. P. Delio & Co that is dedicated to pushing the envelope of sustainability in the MMJ sector.

We are experts in the provision of intelligence-led solutions for energy generation and resource-efficient facilities. We also have the capacity to shape of all aspects of your grow-op—from genetics to extraction to quality—for the production low-impact, low-carbon, high-value medical cannabis products.

Cultivar Energy - Low-carbon Cannabis Cultivation

The services we provide to operators in the MMJ sector include:

  • Clean Onsite Generation: Our modular approach to energy generation allows for adaptable scaling of production to meet your specific energy needs, leveraging the flexibility inherent in our containerized smart energy platform. This allows our CCHP offering to combine seamlessly with our proven PV and Battery Storage solutions. On-site load demands are slashed—together with embedded emissions—for truly green cannabis production.
  • Facility Energy Efficiency: Our resource-efficient intelligence-led facilities solutions are tailored to the MMJ space, helping you to 'green your grow-op'—producing low-emission, low-carbon cannabis products—while saving you money. Overhead costs can be dramatically reduced and returns on investment significantly enhanced by resource-optimised grow operations.





  • Genetics and Quality Control: Our pool of technical expertise in the MMJ arena is both broad and deep. We can furnish you with PHD-qualified teams with a fundamental grasp of the shaping of indica and sativa genetics; with project managers with a proven record of delivery in the MMJ sphere; with quality control services that assure your product's reputation.
  • Extraction Services: Our chemical engineering services combines leading-edge extraction technologies with respected technical teams who are experienced in the full spectrum of techniques for the organic extraction of cannabis oils. This includes resin gland extraction, impurity purging, and THC concentration through carefully calibrated decarboxylation processes.

The MMJ expertise of Cultivar Energy is widely recognized in the sector. Our managing director, Ray Delio, has been appointed to the 2017/2018 MMJ Cultivation Committee by the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA), to act as its Energy Advisor for hydroponic energy strategy.

Serving as a firm backstop to all of the services that Cultivar Energy offer are the global resources of R. P. Delio & Company. We have been Growing Project Success since 1989, and with us as your partner your vision for the transformation of your MMJ operation can, and will, be made real.

R. P. Delio & Company - Growing Project Success

The methodologies and tools utilized by R. P. Delio & Company professionals, to deliver our MMJ services, are guided by three principles:

  • Pragmatism - success is not delivered through dogma and theory. We believe that success is ultimately underpinned by learning techniques grounded in real world application
  • Client-tailored - there is no such thing as an ‘off-the-shelf’ coaching solution or mentoring design. We believe in the importance of close alignment of the learning process to each individual client situation
  • Result-focused - we believe in the enabling of concrete, tangible and long-lasting changes that can be shown to define, shape and invigorate the professional lives of senior management.

Engineering Program Success since 1989