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Automotive Engineering Experience

Ray. P. Delio has extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of automotive re-tooling, thanks to an early and practical immersion in the adaptation of motor vehicles, for maximizing racing performance.

More recently he has been able to apply that deep-systems knowledge of automotive technology to the strategic challenges of re-tooling vehicles from ICE to electrical drive trains.

Significant Roles

Chief Technology Officer & Start-up Program Consultant – Automotive and Electric Drive Systems Integration – [Confidential Client] EV, HI. 2012-13 (Active): Driving forward this startup company's technical vision, by undertaking active intellectual property (IP) management (including opportunity identification, research and evaluation, and the development and protection of IP), and the development of a continual improvement process (CIP) for accelerating procedure/component innovation. Have been responsible for:

  • EV component selection and systems integration
  • EV conversion process development
  • EV data systems integration for real time performance evaluation

By undertaking a programmatic approach towards this startup's breakout strategy, have been able to channel its talents and resources for success, progressing the company towards becoming a local center of EV knowledge, and an integral part of its developing EV infrastructure.

Race Prep and Performance Car Tuning Specialist

Vanzo Racing, Lime Rock Park, Poughkeepsie NY, 1987 -1989: Responsible for developing tuning plan, sourcing and fabrication of tuning components (actively sourcing exotic components from overseas), engine repairs for damaged vehicles, preparing and adapting drive-trains (and other automotive components) for racing performance, including:

  • enlarging head ports
  • increasing throttle throats
  • upgrading intake, fuel, controls and exhaust systems
  • installing nitrous systems
  • installing lower back-flow pressure exhausts
  • installing higher amperage alternators for added electrical loads

Role required the managing of engineering specifications, the balancing of workloads and component selection, to fit tightly-prescribed budgetary constraints, and the submission of repairs documentation for customer information, as well as to meet district, state, and federal requirements.

Paint and Body Technician

Vanzo Racing, Lime Rock Park, Poughkeepsie NY, 1986-1987: Responsible for performing repair work on vehicle bodies, the preparation of vehicle body surfaces for priming and painting, managing all workloads and component selection to fit tightly-prescribed budgetary constraints, and the submission of documentation of repairs for customer information, as well as to meet district, state, and federal requirements.

Relevant Skills & Certifications

Ray P. Delio is a member of the following organizations:

  • IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
  • AEE (Association of Energy Engineers)
  • Electric Auto Association (EAA)
  • Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA)
  • World Electric Vehicle Association (WEVA)

Engineering Program Success since 1989